Sahara Investors have Started Getting Money, Sahara India Latest News Update

Sahara investors have started getting money, Sahara India latest news update

Sahara India latest news update: If your money is also stuck in Sahara India, then there is good news for you. It is being told that for many years, due to the money stuck in India with the help of investors, the problems of the investor are increasing day by day. But day by day people are getting desperate and are demanding their money, in the meantime, good news is coming from the Ministry of Cooperation that under this, Sahara India is going to return the money of the investors with full interest. Let us know how the investors’ money will be returned.

Sahara India latest news updates

According to the information received, relief news is coming from the Sahara India Chit Fund Company to return the money of all the investors who have invested money in Sahara India, with this the Supreme Court recently ordered Sahara India Strict instructions were also given to the investors that Rs 5000 crores should be transferred from the VK refund account and returned to the people, after which again crores of rupees would be transferred to the registrar to the Karta Ministry, after which there is a possibility of getting the money to the investors. Has been

Let us tell you that all the complaint proceedings against Sahara India have been taken at the central level by the Central Cooperative Ministry, after that the Central Cooperative Ministry will now issue the same on the portal where all the money invested by the investors of Sahara India They will be able to apply online through this portal for demanding money.

Sahara India latest news updates

Recently, regarding the personal hearing of the Sahara Group by the Central Registrar regarding the return of Sahara India money, it is being told that a notice was also issued by Sahara India. In which it was told that Sahara India will now return the money of the investors with full interest as soon as possible and on the basis of notice from Sahara India, now no one has given any reply, along with this, the Central Registrar has registered the new transaction of Sahara India. Now no new transactions can be made and no one can do anything with Sahara India deposit taking or existing deposits.

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Sahara India money refund news: सहारा इंडिया ने सभी निवेशकों का पैसा वापस करना शुरू किया।

सहारा इंडिया निवेशकों का भुगतान 100% अब हुआ तय, मैच्योरिटी पूरे सभी निवेशकों का मिलेगा पैसा Sahara India latest news Mani refund

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